Requirements and Conditions

Written Criteria

Your responses to the following questions will be integral to the success of your submission. The answer to question 2 should include the most important design intentions, so that the jurors immediately gain an understanding of the project. The answer to question 5 should make a case for the project receiving an award.

Note word limits below are maximums. Succinct responses are highly recommended.

01 Provide a brief project summary for the jury

This statement may be used in publicity for the awards program.

[Word limit of 50]

02 Describe the project’s design, including how it:
  • demonstrates excellence in functionality, aesthetics and viability
  • addresses contemporary, social and cultural issues while respecting historic settings
  • responds to traditional and contemporary indigenous knowledges and values
  • performs in terms of sustainability and enhances ecological health
  • contributes positively in addressing climate change
  • allows for change and adaptation
  • contributes to a wider appreciation of urban design

[Word limit of 500]

03 Describe the urban design processes, which may include reference to:
  • integrated decision-making – bridging professional and bureaucratic silos; involving cooperative networks; having a shared vision and a coordinated framework for implementation
  • engagement – constructive public participation; empowerment of people and building community capacity; place-making
  • sustainable urban governance – ethical urban responsibility; sustainable production and consumption; a balance of local, precinct and strategic initiatives
  • coordinated public and private interests – combining community interest, public property and private initiative; effective leadership and partnerships
  • economic innovation – linked investment decisions; greening of urban finance; lifecycle accounting

[Word limit of 500]

04 Describe the urban design characteristics, which may include reference to:
  • clear urban structure – managed growth and development; centralization and distribution; compactness; legibility; integrated open spaces
  • local character – responsive design; authentic and distinctive places; fit to physical environment; continuity and change; cultural heritage and meaning
  • mixed uses – diversity; choice; animation; high levels of activity; optimizing land use; balancing consistency and variety
  • mixed density/intensity – choice and affordability; better use of existing infrastructure
  • connections and accessibility – facilitating active transport; permeability and wayfinding; equitable access; integrated movement patterns; integrated land use and transport
  • living infrastructure – relationship to green wedges and non-urban green space; biological diversity and ecosystem management; productive urban landscapes
  • high quality architecture and public spaces – human scale and active edges; safe places and crime prevention through environmental design
  • creativity and cultural expression – strong urban identities; innovative places; creative collaborations
  • integrated water and energy management – catchment-based planning; water sensitive design; sustainable energy efficiency
  • urban resilience – adaptable places; climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • health promoting – embracing healthy Active by Design principles

[Word limit of 500]

05 Describe the outstanding characteristics of the project and how they contribute to  the advancement of contemporary urban design. This may include reference to the ways in which the project addresses the Urban Design Protocol.

[Word limit of 150]



You must submit 5 to 10 images of your project in high-resolution format. These can be photographs and/or visualisations, although for delivered outcomes, photographs are strongly preferred. Use the highest quality JPG setting available. TIF images will not be accepted.

Submit JPG images that are at least 3500 pixels wide, with a file size no larger than 5MB. Images of at least 4500 pixels wide are preferred and will enable a higher quality print coverage. If your images are coming in above the 5MB size limit, try re-saving them in Photoshop and reducing the JPEG compression level to 8.

File names should not contain blank spaces or special characters/symbols (e.g. + !@) although an underscore (_) is acceptable.

Drawings, plans and elevations

You may also submit  up to 5 relevant drawings in vector-based PDF format (site plan, floor plan, sections, elevations and/or any other relevant drawings or diagrams), with a file size no larger than 10 MB. Drawings must include a scale bar, key and north point

Tips on preparing your entry submission are available.


Entry is open to any urban design professional, but the project must be located in, or intended for, Australia. Entries are encouraged from groups and practices of all scales, specializations and locations.

Publicity and Copyright

By entering, the applicant declares that they are authorized to submit this project, and that they have obtained appropriate releases and authorities in writing from project clients, collaborating organizations, copyright holders for entry submission materials, licensees, photographers and, where applicable, the principal/director of applicant’s employer, including for any resultant publicity.

The Organizer does not make any claims on copyright or intellectual property of the designs entered other than the rights outlined in the following paragraph. By entering this program, the applicant agrees to absolve the Organizer from any liability relating to confidentiality or intellectual property issues that may be raised by any party.

The Organizer reserves the right to exhibit or publish any or all of the entries. By entering the Awards the applicant gives permission to the Organizer to publish, exhibit and promote the content of the submission, including supporters of the Awards, where their use of submission content is specifically related to their promotion of their involvement in the Awards. Specific information about project budgets is not released for publication.

In all promotion, the Organizer will endeavour to promote the name of the firm/s that have authored the project, and where the Organizer is made aware of their names, to the extent that the Organizer can exert editorial control, and where space permits, other contributors, such as photographers, will be acknowledged.

All entrants must be prepared to submit further material for exhibition and publication if required, such as additional photography, drawings and other information. The applicant acknowledges that the Organizer has the right to reproduce materials in whole or part without payment of release or licensing fees to the holder of publication rights or copyright.

General Conditions

An entry shall be excluded from the program:

  1. if it is received after the advertised closing date (although submissions that have been commenced but not completed by  the closing date may be included at the discretion of the Organizer).
  2. if it does not fulfill these entry conditions.
  3. if it is incomplete or doesn’t conform to the correct format as specified under Entry.

The Organizer is committed to providing a quality awards program to the design industry and makes every attempt to ensure accuracy, currency and reliability of the information included in this document and elsewhere.

However, changes in content and process may become necessary at the absolute discretion of the Organizer. The Organizer accepts no liability for any use of the said content or reliance placed upon it.