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Marijn Schenk – Connected: Architecture of Mobility

Marijn Schenk is a co-founder of Netherlands-based NEXT Architects, an influential practice recognized for its groundbreaking work in the fields of urban planning, infrastructure and architecture. Exploring the interdisciplinarity, collaboration and big-picture thinking that underpins the Dutch design approach, Marijn’s presentation “Connected: Architecture of Mobility” will discuss architecture that connects, combines, collects, interacts and supports; architecture that is defined by what it does and not by what it is.

Inventive infrastructure and urban projects, including the innovative Dafne Schippers bridge in Utrecht, the renewed international departure hall at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and the iconic Elastic Perspective in Carnisselande, will be discussed in the broader context of the Dutch design tradition.

In addition to his work at NEXT, Marijn is a regular speaker at international conferences, including the Architecture Biennial of Buenos Aires. He is appointed supervisor town planning for the city of Amstelveen, chairman for the BNA Research Fund and advisor in the AkzoNobel trend team.


Marijn Schenk